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I am born in Japanese Osaka in 1984.

I start work production by self-education in 2005.

I show a work in Pixiv of the Internet site in 2009.

It is started the exhibition of the work in 2011

by group exhibitions.

I participate in 52 times of groups exhibition

to date from 2011.

I exhibit it by a new work approximately entirely.


MAR    I start work production.


JUN    I start the contribution of the work

     in the Internet site.


MAR    Design Festa Gallery East Art Piece (Tokyo)

JUN    Design Festa Gallery East Art Piece (Tokyo)

AUG    SpaceDesign "BookMarks Kitasando

     "Aug exhibition (Tokyo)


NOV    Design Festa Vol.34 (Tokyo)


DEC    "Post Card Wall Vol.1" Beat Box Cafe

     in Machida ( Tokyo )



FEB    "Exit and Entrance of 2012" Gallery


           Art Link "Book Marks Akihabara"

     Feb exhibition


MAR    The 65th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Tokyo )


           HU-XXX Exhibition

     in The Art Comprex Center (Tokyo)


APR    The 65th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Kyoto )


MAY    Design Festa Vol.35 (ArtMind plan)


          The 65th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Hiroshima )


           Femme Exhibition

     in Gallery Art Point (Tokyo)


          ArtLink "EL CERO DOS Suehirocho"

     May Exhibition (Tokyo)


JUN    ArtLink "Book Marks StudyCafe Kitasando"

     Jun Exhibition (Tokyo)


AUG    ArtLink "EL CERO DOS Akihabara"

     Aug Exhibition (Tokyo)


SEPT    Geisai # 17 (Tokyo)


OCT    Nagoya Port Art Festa 2012 (Nagoya)


          Today's pacifism anti nuclear

     exhibition (Saitama)


          Art Dive Vol.7 (Tokyo)


NOV    The 3rd Art Confuse Exhibition (Tokyo)


DEC    White Exhibition Vol.5 (Nagoya)



JAN    The 100 artists exhibition (New York)


MAR    Art Link Akasaka Vol.1 (Tokyo)


          The 66th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Tokyo )


APR    Japanese Art Festival (New Zealand)


          The 66th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Kyoto )


          The 66th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Hiroshima )


MAY    Design Festa Vol.37 (Tokyo)


           Beez in Shibuya (Tokyo)


JUN     Connect in Free Man Cafe (Tokyo)


JULY    Sniff Out 2013 (Osaka)


           The 100 artists exhibition (New York)


OCT    Art Confuse (Tokyo)


           Nagoya Port Art Festa 2013 (Nagoya)


           Art Dive Vol.8 (Tokyo)


MAR     Pop Japan exhibition

     in Me & Art Gallery (Austlalia)


           The 67th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Tokyo )


APR     The 67th Japan independent

     exhibition ( Kyoto )


JUN     Space Design Vol.1 (Tokyo)


           Art Confuse (Tokyo)


JULY    Expansion 2014 (Tokyo)


AUG     Art Confuse (Tokyo)


DEC      Christmas Art Competition

      in Yokohama (Yokohama)


JAN      Move exhibition (Shanghai)


APR      Move exhibition (Shanghai)


SEPT    Move exhibition 3 city patrols

            exhibition (NY)


            Japan Art Tasting EXPO 2015

            In Mirano (Italy)


OCT      Move exhibition 3 city patrols

            exhibition (Tokyo)


NOV      International Contemporary Masters Vol.10



DEC      Move exhibition 3 city patrols

            exhibition (Shanghai)


            World Edition 2015

            (Books, Art UpClose Plan)




JAN      The Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts


FEB      The 21th Japanese art whole country

             selection writer exhibition (Tokyo)


MAR      Soseki and a Japanese

             the 21st century art exhibition    (Ehime)


APR      The London Book Fair in 2016

            ( Qualiart Plan )

            (Books, London)


             New York Art Expo

            ( World Wide Art Books Plan )

            ( New York, USA )

May       Move exhibition

Jun       CURRENT MASTERS 2 (Books)

Oct       Art Dive #11 (Osaka, Japan)


APR      Art Dive #12 (Osaka, Japan)

JULY    JARDIN Exhibition (NY, USA)

AUG     Design Festa in the mid summer (Tokyo , Japan)


MAR   Monster  ( art book , Book)

         Solo Exhibition (The gallery STEINER)

JULY  Illustration Notes No.47  (Seikodo Shinkosya , Book)

DEC    Art world in Kobe ( Art and selection)


JAN    Illustration Year Book 2019

          Caractors and Feet  ( Design Festa Gallery, Japan)

MAR    Shibuya Station Exhibition (Japan, Tokyo)

APR    Bunboudo Award (Japan, Tokyo)

          Art Dive  2019 (Japan , Kyoto)

AUG   Nakazaki Si-Fi Exhibition (Japan, Osaka )

SEP   Digital Art Exhibition ( Japan, Tokyo )


    Booth: Artavita (World Wide Art)

        Digital Presentation



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